Ce-o mai fi şi barbotina?…

Delia Maxim

Ghenadie Popescu

White Cuib

28th February- 06th March

A project by:

Ovidiu Leuce

Delia Maxim (1981, Baia Mare) lives and works in Friedrichshafen (Germany). She graduated in 2004 from the Ceramics department of the University of Art and Design in Cluj. She participated in symposiums such as Silpakorn Raku Clay Works in Thailand (2018), the Tunis International Art Ceramics Symposium (2017) or the Mark Rothko Art Center’s CeramicS Laboratory (2015), at artistic residences such as Tandem, Neuuenster, Germany (2017), and her recent exhibitions include Uguni, Mark Rothko Arte Center Daugavpils, Latvia (2019), 6exi, Thessaloniki, Greece (2018, solo show) , Fantastic properties, Ravensburg, Germany (2018). He also organized the first edition of The M.I.C.A.S. (Maramures International Symposium of Ceramic Art) Baia Mare, Romania, in 2018.

Ghenadie Popescu (1971, Floresti, Republic of Moldova) lives and works in Chisinau.
He graduated in 2003 from the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Art in Chisinau, specializing in painting. His works were presented in spaces such as Exhibition Centre Constantin Brancusi, Chisinau; Mars Gallery, Moscow; The General, Paris; Mezzanin Gallery, Vienna; Gallery of the Polish Institute, Düsseldorf; Project Salon, Bucharest, Raft Cluj etc. He participated in the last three editions of the Chronograph Documentary Film Festival in Chisinau, and in 2014 was a resident of the Rochester Institute of Technology New York as part of the CEC Artslink program.

Throughout this project four artists are invited to make a gesture of gratitude towards a person who inspired them during their artistic and human growth, who contributed to their way of creating, of thinking, of relating to others and themselves. For a week each participating artist engages in a simple and substantive dialogue with his or her guest; a natural conversation, without elocution, in this public space with an intimate dimension.

A series of exhibitions like the formal expressions of a meeting, of seemingly small and casual events that in time prove to have the force of fertile seeds in a fertile soil. Reflections on the possible transformations born out of encounters, on their capacity to create experiments, to unleash energies, to transform dreams in visions and visions in acts. Creative gestures that emanate the energy of conscious and profound individuals, active participants in the life of the community.

Ovidiu Leuce