Hassium Project

I always liked to wander through art studios, to spend long hours drinking coffee and telling stories, to sniff at bottles of varnish, to check out astringent terpinol and turpentine. I like to ask what, how and when do people work. I’m mostly interested in why they work. I’m interested in their creative springs, the bad moods, the technical difficulties and the last books read. I like to see their sketches, their work in construction and the role of it all in the final economy of the work. I want to see how they perceive the world and the filters through which they metabolize it.

I started from my workshop through Anca Bodea‘s studio and we set up this playground for grownups, to fulfill all of our desires:) We named it after the chemical element No.108 / hassium which is artificial, difficult to obtain and problematic to study. Like Art:)

Our platform is encouraging creative dialogue between artists, curators and theoreticians from different creative guilds, mediating their contact with the general public and promoting relevant cultural events in real time.

Ioana’s Map scrutinizes the artistic environment from the perspective of a practicing painter, shaping an adventurous, subjective and assumed route through studios and workshops, in an effort to identify the creative mechanisms that set it in motion.

DesignEd lures us into the appetizing area of the applied arts, with clues about everything new, cool and desirable, about exciting emerging creative businesses.

Critic‘s Choice structures a discursive space through reviews, conceptualizations, interviews and applied analyses.

CheckItOut keeps us up to date with everything that means exhibitions, performances, art fairs, cultural events, project calls and artistic residency.

Quarantine Projects was designed to decrease the distance placed between us by this context of social isolation and to help us learn about our community of like and unlike minded people, from close and far away.