Architecture Biennale / Venice 2018

The 2018 edition of the Venice Biennial of Architecture from May 26th to November 25th, 2018, is coming to a close. The race of having to cover 65 national exhibitions in 2 days in the two locations Arsenale and Giardini was quite something. This year’s theme “Free space” brought a lot of creativity per square meter, including the Romanian Pavilion, which, after a national contest, had brought a young team to Venice with an interactive and cheerful approach to the theme, the entrance to the pavilion being marked on the floor by a hopscotch: a space specific for our childhood with our keys worn on strings around our neck, the space of the staircase and that between the blocks.

It’s hard to describe the atmosphere of the Biennial in just a few words and pictures, but some of the national exhibitions and a few guest architects had very fasstrongt message without too many explanatory texts and they sure captured my attention:




Nordic countries (Finland-Norway-Sweden)

Dorte Mandrup

Peter Zumthor’s models

Eliza Jurca / Arhitect