Florin Magda / Alba Iulia


Salut Florine, where did you isolate yourself?

I isolated myself at HangarF, in Alba Iulia and I don’t regret it.

What do you think about the local artistic community, what is your relationship with it?

The artistic community in Alba Iulia is quite well bound. People know each other, discuss, participate in events. We maintain friendly and professional connections with local artists, we help each other and we constantly try to instill the necessary optimism.

How much has isolation changed your daily routine? How has it changed your way of creating and thinking?

I am generally an “isolated” man. I was even joking with my friends that the current period hasn’t significantly changed my daily routine. The way of thinking and creation has remained unaffected for the time being.

How much does your art depend on the space you work in?

The space I work in has always been important for the implementation of my ideas. Most of the works are large, so the space must be suitable.

What are you currently working on? Is this work part of a series or is it not related to the previous ones?

Now I’m working on a new piece that will work together with two more that will follow. I hope I can finish the work by summer. I have been thinking about this project for a long time, the idea has had the time to crystallize.

Is there an element / symbol that recurrently appears in your works?

The elements and themes that frequently appear in my works are those that still ask me questions and are waiting for answers. The sources of my works come largely from everyday life.

Do you have an Ars poetica? What are the values ​​that guide your artistic practice?

Reconsideration of some objects that have defined me as an individual without intuiting at that moment their weight in building my personal journey.

Tell me 3 artists you like, motivate and put you to work.

Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Anish Kapoor.

Techniques: stolen, learned, applied? How important is it for you to master them?

In my field, techniques are vital. Even now seemingly simple techniques give me headaches. I am interested in any new technique, and I try not to miss any demo show.

How do your works get “into the world” during this time?

During this period, my works have a hard time reaching “the world”. For now, I will only have posts on social channels. Let’s see how things go but there will definitely be exhibitions with the latest project.

Do you think that this situation will have an impact on the artistic creation in the future after we overcome this moment?

This situation will certainly have an impact on the artistic creation as well. It is up to us how quickly we comply with the new conditions.

Is it an indispensable thing for you in the context of social distancing? What do you miss the most?