Green Room

Certainly, working from home, which we have experienced massively over the last 2 years (has it been that long since March 2020?!…) has meant a reconsideration and reorganization of the workspace. For many of us “home” has become both a place to work and a place to rest, so the way we feel and move in our work space has become a more obvious issue than ever before. I think all the isolation has increased people’s desire to have nature closer and when you don’t have the time or money to run off into lush forests, you bring the lush forest to you! Green Room have managed, out of passion, to bring more chlorophyll into our lives without having to walk barefoot on grass and here’s how:
The business idea actually came naturally: Emese graduated with a Master’s degree in “Garden Art and Landscape Design” in Budapest, the plants in our home became more and more numerous and we noticed that our “urban jungle” was very appreciated. Thanks to home-office, lately the importance of a more beautiful and green environment has increased. People have started to appreciate, collect and surround themselves with plants. Since Marta majored in Interior Design, combining the two directions seemed like a good idea.

Why “Green Room“?

Green Room plant studio is a family business, we thought a lot about what would be the best name for what we want to do in the future. As always, simple things are best. Green Room – because we have been thinking and existing “green” for a very long time.
We have chosen to communicate in English, because this way we are more universal for both our Romanian and Hungarian clients, (well, we had clients from France too😊 ). We think we have a simple, suggestive and easy name to remember.


Who designed the logo?
For the brand image we were helped by Kassay Anna, she made our beautiful website.

And the logo was designed by graphic designer Lakatos Luca, Emese’s friend,


When I look at your Instagram account, what should I think of ?… 🙂
Let us make your room green!

We try not only to be an online shop, but also to inspire people to be more open to all plants. To appreciate and interact with them, to be more patient. So we proposed to decorate events with live plants (in pots), weddings, offices, to provide a more pleasant environment.


I want a plant… I can’t decide, what is your favorite plant in your “garden”?
We think this is the hardest question. We don’t have a favorite plant, but possibly a favorite at the moment. There are always incoming plants with new textures and surprising colors. At the moment Marta’s love is Philodendron hastatum ‘Silver Queen’ and Emese’s is Rhaphidophora tetrasperma.


What does it mean logistically to undertake Green Room?
As we are just starting out (we turned 1 year of activity in December) we do everything. Depending on energy, time, and inspiration, everything is in our job subscription, from invoices to design.


Where do we find your plants?
For now, we’re an online store only:, but you can find us on all our social media accounts!


Hassium by Anca B.