You know how it is, when you’re little they all want to make you sleep and you don’t, when you’re older you just want to sleep but nobody lets you. That’s why I think that, as your sleeping hours become increasingly measured out, your bed turns into something associated to HOLIDAY! Who cared in childhood how strong the mattress was or how pajamas were? It was, however, the place that kept you away from the world = game. Once grown up, that’s it! The bed = away from the world, so it deserves attention. And not just any kind of attention: what kind of bed? mattress? pillows? what kind of underwear ? Not to mention that feeling when bed clothes are freshly changed and you are the most tired person in the world. As adults, we have this segment in our lives, dedicated to sleep and the things that make it as efficient as possible. There is a very small step from comfort to quality and aesthetic options. For those willing to take it, I introduce I’M COTTON YOU: Because linen bed sheets hug you and guard your sleep. How else than I’m caught on you? I loved everything about this project from the beginning and I’m not bored yet! I hope neither are the customers.

What about the visual identity of the brand? For the logo and visual identity I worked with Chez Cami (https://chezcami.com/). Camelia Imbuzan was the one who dealt with I’m cotton you, it was love at first sight for the logo. I think I’ve said that before and I’ll repeat it whenever it’s needed – it’s great when you get the proposal for your brand! When you feel that your thoughts and work finally take shape. That was the case for me. I already had the products, but the part of creating a visual identity was completely new to me, it was a challenge. In all this effort of understanding and evolution, Camelia showed me the proposal for I’m cotton you, and for an entire day I did nothing but admire the logo! 


How did you choose this path, because, professionally, you prepared for a career in law?

It was not difficult for me to find a starting point to start something new. I think it was more of a momentum. I really wanted to have my own business. There is this constant talk of people leaving corporations and starting a business or working for start-up companies. It is not necessarily a cliché, I think most people have an idea they want to put into practice. I’ve worked with Vlad for the website, and I’m sure he’ll even open his own cafe one day, even if he’s currently working in IT. All things considered, I think the main motivation is to do something just for you, and then, the idea that you will grow professionally and personally through your own experiences. 

What about brand message?

The message is clear, just like the logo: we want everyone to know that taking care of your home is important. We want every home to be a reflection of the owner’s specific lifestyle. In the evening we should find a welcoming bedroom with linen sheets or a living room with white cotton curtains and a candle lit by the book waiting to be read.

How can we be… caught on you?

At the moment we only have an online shop, where you can find all our products. For some customers, we even sent samples of materials. In the future we hope to have a physical store, but for now you can find us on www.imcottonyou.com .



Hassium by Anca B.