Ana`s work

I don’t think every event in our lives happen under the weight of destiny, but some encounters fall far into this category. That’s how I met Ana, on a very turbulent flight (to say at least) to Venice, a very good time for our stories to meet and to find out that we have more in common than we would expect. You know, I usually avoid the plain small talk, but this flight to Venice was not quite ordinary and the “seat neighbor” was not ordinary either. This is how I found out what Ana does and so I awakened my old passion for body art and the mysterious Mehndi body painting.

Why Ana`s work?

The name Ana’s Work is not a common brand name, but it’s the name I gave to the Facebook account on which since 2013, until I started working with henna in 2014, I shared photos with the paintings I made. Later, the name Ana’s Work became the name of the nationally known brand for body painting and Mehndi.

How about the logo?

The logo consists of symbol and text, and the inspiration for the chosen symbol – that floral mandala – are the so-called Mehndi Wooden Blocks Stamps, some wood carved stamps used to create specific patterns in the art of oriental body painting. The calligraphic font reflects the technique of leather paintings that Ana’s Work provides, these being handmade and personalized for each person who puts their hand in my hands. In 2017 I did a rebranding for Ana’s Work, with the help of graphic designer Bogdan Groza from Cluj. The original logo is orange on a dark blue background to create a complementary contrast. The idea is to introduce us to the oriental, elegant and “spicy” atmosphere of henna tattoos.

What is the story behind this encounter with henna tattoos?
Behind my encounter with Mehndi art is a passion and curiosity for oriental culture and art. I discovered Henna tattoos on a summer vacation, looking online for an artistic activity to bring to an outdoor music festival. That’s how I came to see the first photo with a bridal henna tattoo – a traditional tattoo made for brides. From that photo began my initiation into everything henna means and an endless course of experiments and lifelong learning. This journey was all the more unpredictable as in 2014 there was no professional henna artist in Romania, so I had no means to find any guidance or the specific materials I needed to prepare henna paste, which was unavailable in Romania.

What motivates you to create tattoos?

I am motivated by the wonderful people around me and the happiness it brings on the faces of those who wear it. One factor that motivated me to carry on with Mehndi’s art was the difficulty of applying the henna paste on the skin. I have been painting since I was a child, but the henna paste and its consistency, the cone used for application and the application technique, doesn’t compare with any other material or technique used till the moment I started working with henna.

And is it anything special for you about this technique?

In addition to the fact that the work surface radically changes, you don’t apply materials on a fixed surface but rather decorate the skin of a human being and this makes the process of creating and applying a design more difficult than it seems. Besides, everything is unpredictable. From materials that are 100% natural, perishable and made by each artist separately, to traditional recipes, the henna powder used and to the model itself, it must be adapted to the anatomy of each person. I think I like the diversity of this technique the most and the fact that it has a history of over 500 years. It’s something special in painting the human body, especially the female body and decorating it with flowers and symbols, traditionally being considered wishes of prosperity and happiness for those who wear them.

The brand message?

I want the world to get closer to art and the intimate-creative process through Ana’s Work. Through body paining, I want to diminish the barrier between the artist and the viewer, the latter becoming the beneficiary and even the main character on whom the unique decorations that the artist imagines and “cuts” especially for him are laid.
The main exhortation and message are summarized in: Embrace your own body and accept its flaws, connect with art and nature.

How can we get an Ana`s work tattoo?

Ana’s Work is currently online on and We will soon launch the official website and set up an open artist studio in Cluj. Until then, bookings for temporary henna tattoos, participation in workshops and private events can be made offline. We post all the news on social media, so follow us closely. You can find us in Cluj, but also at private events in Iași, Timișoara and Bucharest.

Hassium by Anca B.