Aqua Alta

Aqua Alta – fresco / detail / Anca Bodea

“The visual course of the exhibition reproduce a type of “journey from interior to infinite”. Each room is a stage, a nucleus of a transformation process, a sirocco and a bora, a haunted and utopian aquatic terrain, placed in an imagined low tide, a captive territory between endless springs and autumns.

Alluvial – drawing / charcoal on the wall / 340cm x 200cm / Anca Bodea

Aqua Alta – fresco / H 290cm x 310cm / 245cm / 310cm / 2019 / Anca Bodea

”The works become milestones in a landscape that is in continuous emotional migration. They can be assimilated to the visible elements of a perpetual motion mechanism that forces the viewer to follow the mechanics of this visual device called the exhibition.
At the semantic level, the impulse, the general dynamics is rendered by the trans prefix; it creates a kind of visual language that is becoming more and more audible, so the viewing trail is trans|formed simultaneously with the world around, becoming always another, trans|figuring in a cathartic process.”(Curator: Ana Negoiță)

Sendimental (since 1800’s) – wood, handmade linen fabric, alpaca, cotton, 73.66cm x 3.70m / 2019 / Untitled (Folder) / wood / fabric / 2019 / Iulia Toacaci

“Sendimental is a process that began with the restoration of a loom dating back to 1800. From a pile of dusty wood to assembling an operational entity with which you can interact in the context of the purpose of building a structure. As the first processing tool, the computer precursor – the loom, offers me both a tactile and a visual approach to organizing data (Latin: computing / com- “together” + puting “sit”). The weaving process comes from the memory archived in object and from inherent information, the new configuration of the data collection (the chosen materials, the contextual stimuli) and the interaction between this set of data. “(Iulia Toacaci)

Emerge 003 – blown glass / Emerge 002 –  Glasma glass blown / metallic luster / 2019 / Alexandra Mureşan

“The installation combines two elements that obsess me: the glass and the lightning of the moment. Starting from the old heraclitian concept of Panta rhei – everything is flowing, everything is in constant change – I will use the flow of glass as a metaphorical image of time flow. “(Alexandra Mureșan)

Untitled – installation / soap / metal / 2019 / Ioana Sisea

“I build new objects that mimic episodes of my past or objects from my personal cultural background. This process aims to change the meaning of objects that have a sentimental value to me. Recombining objects from scratch, allows me to explore their emotional impact; can transform abstract and often uncontrollable sensations of memory into finite objects. This simplifies my emotional relationship with past events incorporated into these objects.”(Ioana Sisea)

Rusalki – Olya Dubatova / single channel video installation /  7.13 min. / 2019 / Sound by Paz Lenchantin.

“Rusalki” “, 1936, poem by Alexander Kondratiev

Pre-morning fog over the sleepy wave,
Sways smokily with silver curls.
It’s calling us. The time came to inhale it

With the colorless lips to lose your earthly manner.

Bleed into the fumes and, merge with the moisture of the river,

Remembering… Dewy meadows,
Shrieking and laughing, we ran. Above us
The moon floated like an orange shield giving us its
lifegiving pale light… From the river bottom,
As the night comes, she calls us

Like a meek mother… On the bed of underwater flowers

Having spent the whole day in the power of the fruitless dreams,

We get up from a long agonizing sleep –
To surrender to the magic of her cold rays.


Event by Hassium

Acva – oil on canvas / 150cm x 200cm / 2019 / Anca Bodea