Last year, in all its confusion, I noticed those few surprising effects of the lock-down: the quiet of the crowded cities, the cleaner air in the metropolis and the need to go out more often in nature. I don’t know if all this has led to the need to protect nature more, I can only hope so. The grand reforms will have to wait though… What would have a deeper and more visible impact would be consumption education. What and how much we take, what and how we give back. That’s why I’m happy every time I come across designers who have in their production philosophy notions of nature safeguarding, recycling and permanence. It is not enough to recycle, we also need the life of the objects we use often, to be as long as possible.
So I came across ARTCYCLEIT, a brand that puts its shoulder to consumer education and sustainability (the key word of recent years).


Why Artcycleit?
ARTCYCLEIT is about the connection between man and nature, through art. Although I like words with many vowels, after a few months of searching I found “Artcycleit”. It had to contain the word “art,” to refer to nature, and to include mankind. For nature I wanted a complex and abstract word, so “cycle” worked. “It” is our imprint, small and fragile, but important. In short, creative recycling.

Who created the logo?
Time! After a sketchbook, a few months and over 100 chosen logos, I made this one. The straight lines form three triangles, in primary colors, pale, being seeds and ideas at the beginning of the road. These triangles form an abstract moon, the symbol of femininity; the place where the seeds come to life. They take refuge in the inner circle, which symbolizes the sun, the one that increases human creativity. And all this is included in the big circle, which symbolizes the cycle of nature, the choir in which we play, without beginning and without end. The leaves are for a clearer understanding, a faster recollection and for the balance we need.
The Artcycleit logo is a summary of my ideas and an imprint of the universe I belong to.



What motivated you to make this brand?
I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. Later I realized that no such strong call is pointless. I lacked courage and for a while I didn’t work on anything. I don’t think I needed motivation, because at one point I felt I had no choice. I had to do what I liked and trust.


What is your favorite product from your own range?
I like everything, I think and work hard on everything. Of course I am attached to each product, but the portable ashtray is my favorite.
The ashtray is the first product I was satisfied with in all respects. It was the first sign that my thoughts were settled and that I was doing the right thing. Before that, every project was missing out something. They were all made of recycled materials, but they were not useful. The portable ashtray was the first idea that combined utility, sustainability and creativity.


How receptive are people to such products?
First of all, people are trying to support Romanian business, which is wonderful. Among them, I am sure that not everyone would buy such products, but I received messages and orders only from those interested. And they are not only receptive, they are also very kind, gentle and patient. All criticisms were sent with good intentions and received with great interest.


What is the brand message and how do we reach it?
There is beauty in everything. It depends on us, our creativity, experiences and our will to live a life as we like.

With joy 🙂

Online and physically. I am on Facebook and Instagram under the name ARTCYCLEIT, and in several stores in the country, Cuib in Iași, Delairina in Timișoara, Esennoua and Magazinulzerowaste in Bucharest.


Hassium by Anca B.