Chromatic House

I met Diana Popovici about 11 years ago when she was a student at the Painting Department of UAD Cluj-Napoca. She had a playful style of painting and dressing, always with a smile on, and whenever we met, the greeting was «yellow!». Who would have thought that a decade later, this greeting would mean so much more to Dia (friends called her like that). For example, it could be the color at the root of an interior design, the right tone for the freshest kitchen or the chicest living room or simply a color on the Chromatic House palette!

I was pleasantly surprised by her team, the ideas they put together and the fact that they managed to establish a trademark, which is not easy in this area. But if you have a little creative vibe, interior design is not just a compilation of objects in a given space, with the obligation to satisfy a client with a stylistic recipe, but it becomes a creative game that uncovers the hidden potential of an architectural space and maybe it is right to say that it also “transfigures” it from a banal space into a space that tells a story. Especially as their motto is like this: Chromatic House, studio of interior design, art and other essences of living : Chromatic House, a studio of interior design that believes in art as therapy for rooms and souls.

YELLOOO: First, when we talk about interior design, everything is color, and colors are emotional states. The interiors we live in are more than walls and finishes, they are mirrors of our interior. They are states that talk about us, about what gives us energy, what soothes our worries, strengthens our dreams. In a world where we have learned to be stingy in the expression of emotions, colors are an absolutely necessary outlet to express ourselves, creating for ourselves and for others. The art of color art is a therapeutic alternative in everyone’s reach. We want our meetings with our clients to be not only inspiration for physical spaces, but also opportunities for insight: who am I really? who would I be if I knew I could not fail? how can I have more courage to express myself in an authentic way? These are all starting points to live better.

As for the logo: The non-colors used in the logo and the brand visuals – on which I have worked with creative people from the Cluj advertising area – want to reveal the chromatic explosion, to create a backdrop for expressing the creativity of everyone. Last but not least, on a more specific level, our studio is based on the collaboration between contrasting forces at first sight: an artist and an economist. We believe that good ideas are born from different perspectives, so the rest of our team offers a mix of skills and talents.

As a graduate of arts, when you graduate, one month you are fine; you feel whole and relieved but soon you feel the chill of reality: student days are over and time has come to offer something to the world. It’s like a path through the bushes… you know it takes you somewhere but you do not know exactly where and this is the reason why many art graduates are willing to experience, seek, discover. This is the case of Diana, and her “path through the bushes” has led to a great place! My motivation is life itself and its exploration. From my perspective, we live to learn, to evolve, to experience. I cannot imagine life without art: the art of living. And business is mistaken for life, emotionally. In both perspectives, the most complex and satisfying thing is to identify a state, draw it and build upon it.

What would be the brand message? The brand’s message has been consistent since its creation: interior design is more than just the choice and proportioning of finishing materials, it is emotional knowledge and connection to the diversity of characters and personalities of customers. In these interactions, the identity of the designer itself must support the expression of the customer’s identity. In addition, all the materials we work with in projects are loaded with identity. Knowing such a wide range of identities, bringing them together in harmony is the most challenging thing to do. Identifying art pieces that mirror the emotions of each customer, discovering artists with an authentic voice and finding those who are receptive to their message, these are the imperatives – and pleasures – that we work with at Chromatic House.

If you ask Dia how a can customer reach Chromatic House, she will answer you: Through a conversation. We can get in touch through the mail, the social media pages /chhomedecoration/ and https://, but we’d love to meet our potential customers in a conversation. We love to listen at length to them and to understand their perspectives, the vision of the interiors they want, and all they have to tell us about their dreams.



Hassium by Anca B.