Daniel Vaida Furniture

I also said on other occasions: what you can do with your own hands is priceless! The satisfaction of creating a beautiful and functional object cannot be equaled in too many ways. You do not have to be passionate about design to be able to appreciate an object both aesthetically and ergonomically. And if we talk about things that make a home comfortable, the furniture is what gives character to a space, whether it is for work or relaxation. The custom pieces of furniture impose a particular style and offer a story to each “home”. Daniel Vaida’s furniture has exactly this hand-made look. Once installed in your home, his pieces set the tone, whether there are a few hanging shelves or a bedroom with all the relative parts. The patina of vintage-looking objects has charm, especially placed in a contemporary, minimalist architectural context.

This “craftsman’s” design – because this is how the creator of the Vaida or Pinro furniture describes himself – is defined by simple shapes and contrast between materials and textures, design that can easily be adapted in any space, “I have another brand under which I work : Pinro but Daniel Vaida Furniture started with the idea of ​​making my name known. I was thinking of the idea of ​​a craftsman who is known by name and not by brand. I like the idea of ​​a craftsman more, I feel closer to the buyer in this position ».

However, Daniel Vaida Furniture has a visual identity: “The logo is made by me and I chose what represents a carpenter, a wooden hammer. I like to think that the logo is constantly changing, changing with me. I keep no logo for more than five years. Everything related to the brand and identity is created of by me. »

You can find furniture pieces by Daniel Vaida Furniture on Daniel Vaida Furniture on facebook.com/daniel.m.vaida and
instagram @daniel_vaida_furniture.


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