Dia Buga Design

There are two kinds of people in this world: those for whom a lamp is a light bulb that needs to work and those for whom a lamp means an object with an aesthetic personality. Normally, when dealing with art on daily basis, you realize that a socket hanging from a wire limping from the ceiling, with a light bulb at the other end, provokes an instant pavlovian reflex: leave the perimeter! it is note secure, or like… turn off that bright improvisation! or… OR pull out the phone, call Dia, tell her it’s an aesthetic emergency and see how she can help!
And Dia Buga can! Because she is that kind of human being whose ideas never pop-up alone but only in multiples of 2, you just have to keep up with her creativity and with her joy of creating objects that have overpass the reductive status of functionality… 🙂 Take a look!

Dia Buga Design, why?

… because… I didn’t have a clear direction on what I was going to do in the future. I only knew one thing, that I wanted to express myself and find a real way to do it, I chose to call my self an “artist” so I could have total freedom into my creation. I am fascinated by the creative process and I am always looking for ways to express myself. I graduated from the University of Art and Design of Cluj, where I got acquainted with many materials with which I had to experiment and do various work. That’s how the first ideas came out.
Everything was born out of passion and love. I didn’t have a clear strategy for what I have built, things in life sometimes come up spontaneously and I like to see them as a challenge or an opportunity and approach them step by step. That’s why I focus on the present and pay attention to everything my life has to offer.

What is the material you like to work on the most?

The material with which I started the whole story was a plastic base, because it was very easy for me to work with. I could process it manually and that helped me a lot in the prototyping and experimentation process.
Later I discovered the veneer, I come from the city of Reghin – which is called “City of the Violins” so I quickly came in contact with a violin factory who`s team were very open to help and support me, and at that point began the real challenge: I interacted with the veneer.
It is an elegant, subtle, warm and fragile material. I fell in love with it from the first second, with all the natural designs it came with. I managed to tame it and shape it into many feminine shapes.
I also really like plexiglass because its processing comes with a satisfying method: heat modeling, which gives me even more freedom in expressing a shape.
These are two different processing methods that I really like.

The logo, who created it?

The logo is basically my signature, which I took from my father when I helped him with all the legislative matters of the family. That’s how the logo appeared, which is obviously my name and is, of course, made by me. As an art student, you are familiar with graphic design programs and you learn them if you need to create a certain identity. I kept this identity I created because it represents me and I really like it!

There’s more than 10 years now since the market for author design products in Romania is developing, slowly but surely, from specialized stores, through fairs focused on handmade design, somehow the client is diversifying and refining, what does your brand offer in this context?

I think that the great turning point is made when you say that your products are handmade in Romania. When I outlined this business, there were not many creators of local products, especially lighting objects, that was a big plus.
The fact is that, initially, we customized the products a lot, according to the client`s wishes and this is another reason why the clients preferred my products.

And what would be the message of your brand?

The whole identity I built is around the lamps, so I turned them into the characters of my brand and each one of it is free to tell it`s story.
Of course I consider the idea of ​​supporting local production and soul-made products, because the energy that comes with a ”handmade” is totally different. Through my actions I want to bring value and maybe a change in terms of people’s thinking and respecting the handmade products.

Favorite product from your own creation?

I can’t say that I have a favorite product, I consider them all mine and I appreciate them equally. I can instead, differentiate the projects in which my lamps are exposed, there`s another story.

Where can we find Dia Buga Design products?

You can find all my products on my website, www.diabugadesign.ro and on all the social networks on which I am very active and I always try to surprise with a touch of creativity.

Hassium by Anca B.