Drawings on the walls

My first entrepreneurial project (although back in 1999-2000 this word was not common in Romania) was based on my painting skills. I wanted to decorate kindergartens and schools, with paintings dedicated to children. My first work of this kind was made in the kindergarten where my mother worked at that time, in Șimleu-Silvaniei, I think it’s still there. It wasn’t actually easy. You had to scale to the size of the wall an image as big as half an A4, I had to mix my colors, at that time there was no washable paint or the large variety of pigments you find today. I received brushes and colors instead. The idea continued for a while; it was a very enjoyable summer activity!
I think it’s at least equally enjoyable for Zsolt and Oana also, who have taken this practice seriously since 2018. Their work has a simple name: Desene pe pereți (Drawings on the walls) and, after all, that’s what it is, but the power of the images created by them can transform an inexpressive wall into an independent element, which completely changes the dynamics of an interior space!

Like me, Zsolt started this activity for fun, without too much stake: In 1998 I started a collaboration with a company that deals with interior design and equipment for party venues (Disco shop). Then I started painting the walls of my room and of my friends. At the time, I was doing it more for fun, I don’t think people would’ve paid for that.
But now, the talent of the two has turned into a small business, but nothing seems too hard if… The great thing is that I can do something I like and at the same time I can support myself from it.

Why “Desene pe pereți?”(“Drawings on the walls”)?
Because the message is clear and express with these keywords exactly what it represents. When I was a child, that’s how I called my first works… drawings on the walls. Simple is better :).

And the logo is also Zsolt’s creation: I made it myself. After several sketches, we arrived at the final version, which is the one we have now. I think it portrays quite well the idea of ​​drawings made on the walls.

It’s simple, do you want a change in your house? Make drawings on the walls! Those who have a house for children under 3 years old, know exactly what impact a drawing has on a wall in the house :). So, as Zsolt says, The brand’s message is pretty clear, it can’t be confused with anything else, and each work comes with one more reason to continue this lovely work: Motivation increases at the end of each composition. The growing number of requests shows me that I am on the right track and then the whole story is self-fuelled with ambition.

If you’ve read the article and you’ve come to the conclusion that at least one wall in your “nest” needs a lifting, you can find the two who make drawings on the walls on Facebook: Desene pe Pereti Cluj, where you can send us ideas or find out details about possible works. We also have a phone number where you can call us: 0749610929.