Liana Jewerly

 We never get tired of jewelry, do we ladies? Our affair with the diamonds is old, isn`t it? But if the jewelry is custom-made, if it is unique, if no one in the world has the same ring? Yes, this is a kind of diamond: the power of the unique should never be underestimated especially if this jewelry seems taken from a fairy tale!

Liana creates jewelry, you guessed it! And she does not only creates them but also teaches others to create jewelry. Liana Jewerly means dedication to a craft as old as the world and its perpetuation in contemporary times.

How did the idea of a contemporary jewelry school came to be?
Almost all the students who learned at my workshop came to me and not the other way around. One day a student asked me if I could teach her … and from that moment the idea of actually ​​teaching, began. The idea has existed for a long time, because I was tempted about it, but I only wanted to do it for people who really want to learn. With that first student, came other students who heard about my workshop from various backgrounds or through common friends. Basically, I wouldn’t say I have a school in the true sense of the word 😉

Gold and silver. People usually choose to wear one or the other, but you see this “couple” differently:
I like both silver and gold, but most of all I like the combination of the two, the finishes of different types of surfaces, they just highlight each other. The combination of gold and silver is actually the material I like to work on the most.

Who made the logo?
I made the logo myself. Both concept and execution. (I might add, in many sleepless nights…)

What would be the message of your brand?
The personal and brand message (if we can call it that) is exactly the same as in the description on the site: My jewelry is intended to be as “different” as possible, pieces that do not go unnoticed, that are worn with pleasure, special jewelry for special people.
The works signed by me are created from the heart and for the soul!

The most beloved product of your own creation?
It’s very difficult for me to give this answer… There is always a favorite piece, but the ones I love the most are the ones that have time to “grow” in me, to think about it closely, to which I can leave my creativity unrestricted by the person who will wear it…

Where can we find you if we want a piece of jewelry signed by you?
You can find my products in the workshop, on the website on the Facebook or Instagram page and on The clients I have been working with for many years always bring me other clients and so on, so at the moment I don’t need other platforms.

Hassium by Anca B.