I think one of the most satisfying things in this world is what you do/create with your own hands. It is an action with a beginning and a span, resulting in a palpable, real and useful thing. That’s why the craft or arts&crafts sphere of design has this quality that lends precise meaning to an action and can materialize an idea. I do not know when this “craft” alighted upon Ioana Muntean, whom I know since her days as a student at the conservation and restoration department. One thing is certain, I never suspected her skills in the product creation area.

What she did in the meantime is a range of leather and wooden objects with a dynamic and fresh design, named Muzzum, a word coined by Ioana and her boyfriend, Flavius, thinking perhaps of each other … because “muzzum” gracefully descends from “muse”. For the logo, however, the muse was graphically depicted by designer Mădălina Muhuleţ.

However, I wanted to know where this unpredictable “designer” initiative came from while Ioana was a student of mine: Muzzum was born out of an ambition that later turned into passion. I ended up crafting bags, purses and other leather goods because I realized that through these little accessories I was free to turn my creative universe into matter, to express myself through beautiful, harmonious and practical things. I like to create and go through all the stages until the end product is done. In the process of creation, I combine the technical skills acquired over time with my aesthetic vision on the accessories of this type. I have learned this craft on my own, which allows me to experiment continually, to use unconventional materials and combine them into unique designs. The objects created by her have got the exact mischievous air of their creator, and this has been perfectly translated into the message of the Muzzum brand: … it is related to creation as a game; a game starting from three basic elements: material, texture, color. Juggling with these elements I dare, through my creations, to urge the world to wear accessories with personality.

Now, at Muzzum, a site is being prepared, but first things first, if you fancy Ioana’s creations, you can place an order here: și



Hassium by Anca B.